Big Data Center


We aim to become a national and regional leader in Asia by attracting world-class researchers and cultivating big data professionals, so as to support the development of data-driven, knowledge-intensive industries in Taiwan:

  • be the trend setter
  • be the leader in technology and innovation
  • be the most reputable, value-driven provider that creates the greatest benefits for partners


  • Value-driven: To create sustainable value for our students, university, society, nation, and the environment.
  • Innovation: To be innovative in concepts, processes, business models and execution of management, marketing, technology, application based on data-driven principles.
  • Honesty and Integrity: The fundamental and essential virtues we believe in. We cherish character, talent, and commitment.


1.Industry Collaborations

  • Industry Collaborations: With the result of advanced research, we facilitate industry upgrades to increase their competitiveness.
  • Government projects: Integrating cross-university resources to apply for government projects, which support advanced research and innovative applications.

2.Training and Education

  • Expertise: Providing advanced courses and hands-on experience We take pride in our teachers’ teaching skills and our students’ professional knowledge.
  • Industry Upgrade: Providing industries with the latest trends and technology, and filling in the talents gap.

3.International Collaborations

  • International Collaborations: Inviting world class experts, increasing research capability, and hosting international events to gain AU’s international presence and reputation.
  • University Alliance: we organize international, intercultural and cross-university programs, to spark student motivation.