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  1. [Hot!]Analysis and Management Sciences held on January 16, 2019.[Online registration][10801-08]
  2. [Hot!]The International Symposium on the Digitization of the New Generation Industry, Finance X Manufacturing, 2018/12/6
    Global Research and Consulting Institutes IDC, CRI, and PwC Revealing Key Trends of the Industry
    Overwhelming Response and Attention from Elites of the Finance, Manufacturing Industries and Members of iABC.[Read More][10712-18]
  3. [Hot!]  MOST hold AIslanders’ Show on 2018/8/28. [Read More] [10709-05]
  4. [Hot!]  iABC (Global research & industry alliance) hold product launch on 2018/8/17. Thanks to posts on Economic Daily News. [Read More] [10708-20]
  5. [Hot!]  iABC (Global research & industry alliance) will hold product launch on 2018/8/17. Welcome to participate.[Read more] [10708-13]