Smart Supply Chain


Medical and manufacturing of Taiwan is famous in the worldwide. It is sufficient to form competitive industries with international representation. The mission of this group is to apply emerging technologies including Internet of things (IOT), big data and block chain to develop supply chain and logistics of hospital solutions.

Asia University cooperates with a China Medical University Hospital in recent years. This will be an advantage for us to verify and improve the solutions for commercialization and meet the goal of reducing the cost of hospital management, improving operational efficiency, and improving medical quality. Our related research topics are as follows:

  • The solutions for supply chain and logistics of hospital: It includes conditioning monitoring, information tracing mechanism of hospital and demand forecast, inventory management, balance mechanism of medicament.
  • The infrastructure of IOT for supply chain and logistics: The infrastructure of IOT could link each end-to-end player including suppliers and customers. It owns sense & response function to improve visibility of SCM.
  • Smart Supply Chain Platform: It would integrate analysis and optimization tool of open source and solutions provided by cooperated unit. It would support structured and unstructured data, such as machine log, IOT device information, medical records, inspection data, vendor information, logistics information, retail information.

Other Research Fields