Ya-Hui Chan

Associate Professor


Chung Hua University, Department of Technology Management, Ph.D.
Chung Hua University, Department of Technology Management, Master
Chung Hua University, Industry Engineering Management, Bachelor


Service Science, Business Processes, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail/Commerce


E-mail 1: yhchan@asia.edu.tw
E-mail 1: yahui0219@gmail.com
Office Tel: +886-4-2332-3456 #1728


Ya-Hui Chan received the Ph.D. degree of Technology Management from Chung Hua University, Hsinchu, in 2011. Her areas of interest include service science, business analytics, statistics analysis, and supply chain management.
She joined the Advanced Research Institute (now the Data Technology and Application Institute, DATA) of Institute for Information Industry in 2011. And she is now the Section Manager of Smart Living Application Center. She is responsible for innovation and analytics research efforts to support big data analytics and application planning, service and business model design, and government and business cooperation. In 2012, she served as a project manager and collaborated cross functional teams ─ business, analytics and technical team, to develop a Smart Tourism Service Platform to support Web services and mobile Apps in about three months. Both of the platform architecture and innovation services were reported by international TV media in Malaysia. In 2014, she and her team won the Merit Aware of Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance Awards from 17 countries of Asian with totally 183 teams. In 2013, her team was selected as one of three core teams in NSC project in Big Data Appliance strategy and contributed in Big Data Analytics front-end domain. In 2015, she was involved the Cloud and Big Data Industry Development Project (2/4) supported by Ministry of Economic Affairs and was recommended as the leader of Smart Commerce Analytics and Application sub-project. Her team also pioneered innovative ways of developing smart business and living solutions, such as personal recommendation and matching, demand forecasting, marketing and advertisement management, risking and credit forecasting, supply chain management. And she has a good experience in cooperating with industry partners in different domain by joining a lot of analytics service project, including IC packaging industry, Information Service industry, Retail industry.