The Founding Ceremony of Fintech & Blockchain Research Center and International Forum

The Founding Ceremony of Fintech & Blockchain Research Center and International Forum

Traditional financial services are facing unprecedented challenges while financial technologies are inducing all kinds of innovative financial services and business models. Companies around the world are investing into technologies like blockchain technology and smart contract.

Asia University integrates college of management, college of medicine and the big data research center, and established the first “Fintech & Blockchain Research Center” in Taiwan on October the 19th, 2016. Asia University aims to accelerate R&D and applications of key technologies by introducing experts from around the world and form collaborations between industry, academia and research institutes. We also aspire to be the driving force of the development of financial technology in central Taiwan, and an incubator for more Fintech talents.

The honored guests today include President Tsai of Asia Univeristy, Founder Tsai of Asia University, Vice President Lin of Asia University, CEO Huang of IBM, Chairman Wang of Fusions 360, Commissioner Tsai of the Financial Supervisory Commission R.O.C, Vice CEO Huang of Taiwan Stock Exchange, Vice CEO Chou of China Development Financial and Dr. Chung from Academia Sinica. They are witnessing the start to a new collaboration model between industry, academia and research institutes in the inaugural meeting today.

President Tsai of Asia University pointed out that Asia University is a fast-growing school with foresight. The university pays attention to future trends and educates their students with four core spirits: heath, care, innovation and excellence. In terms of teaching methodology, the university focuses on the application of knowledge, and would train their students in four core abilities (Chinese, English, information technology and professional ability), international mobility and moral integrity. Asia University aims to become the best research and experiment center because it has a world-class faculty and great partner programs with the industries and the affiliated hospitals of Asia University and China Medical University.

The founder of Asia University stated that he has led Asia University, China Medical University and its affiliated hospitals to international standards by introducing international talents and creating great education system and medical and bio-tech industry. The rise of Fintech is an opportunity for the innovation and application of business model in the healthcare and medical industries, which might consequently push the industries to a disruptive transformation.

The CEO in Taiwan IBM stated that IBM has introduced Bank 3.0, Fintech and blockchain application to Taiwan since 2013 by inviting international experts and scholars to give talks, hoping to assist with the digital transformation in Taiwan. In the future partnership with Blockchain and Fintech Research Center of Asia University, they will incubate new talents who fuse creativity of the young with the application cases in IBM to create a new landscape of financial services in Taiwan.

The Vice President of Asia University Grace Lin will be the director of the Fintech and Blockchain Research Center. Under her leadership, the center would integrate resources of the affiliated hospitals, research institutes and industries, to develop more innovative application in Fintech and blockchain technology. For example, the center will be able to use the blockchain technology to record clinical trials to avoid the possibilities of modification and thus increase the credibility. Or use it for securing the data of personal medical records, health examination records or IoT activities; it also allows the automated authorization for trusted institutes under Smart Contracts. More applications and business opportunities includes Mobile Health Internet and Supply Chain Insurance.

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